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The end of an era: Big Beat Bronson announce break up

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Big Beat Bronson

Last night (Monday 9), the genre-blending, energy-exuding, adrenaline-pumping Geordie group known as Big Beat Bronson regretfully announced they’d be break up, and go solo.

The post, on the eclectic groups Facebook, came as a big, unwelcome surprise, and there’s been more than a few, slightly dramatic, comparisons to the group’s split to that of Take That (the first time). While the More Than A Mouthful group transcend the generic conventions of Hip Hop, the local rap scene has been rocked by the news, consequential not the impact the collective consisting of two emcee’s, one singer, a DJ, three instrumentalists and of course their butler, have had in pushing the often overlooked talent of North East rappers with their performances at various festivals, and earning national acclaim with plays on BBC Radio, Sky TV and write-up’s in various newspapers.

The details on the reasons behind the break up are being kept under wraps, with the front trio of Mista Breeze, Baron Von Alias and Eliza each being evasive to the why’s and when’s on their personal social networking pages. It’s signalled that the group are taking precautionary steps to prevent differences that have occurred throughout their three year tenure of the North East’s biggest urban group, to develop further and effect their personal relationships. Each member has maintained a lot of love and respect for their Big Beat Bronson brothers, (and sister), with their pathos packed posts, reinforcing the farewell as a group.

Keeping in with the motto of every cloud having a silver lining however, this is not the last we’ve heard of each of them individually. While the post-group ventures of the other members remains unclear, Breeze, Baron and Eliza will also continue on their own respective solo paths, and there will be one last video and EP to mark the end of the Big Beat Bronson era. There’s been a plethora of calls for a final gig to be played too, but unfortunately it’s not looking likely.

Here’s hoping they’ll reunite one day (Big Reunion anyone?), but for now the very best of luck to the individuals, that have made for some of the best musical memories I’ve ever had during their time as Big Beat Bronson, and I’ll be checking for each and everyone of their new ventures down solo paths.

Check out the emotional, final video from Big Beat Bronson here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIMTRoL4Kb8


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