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Review: Tehuti Gold Ft. Lister – Flames In The Darkness

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Flames in the Darkness

The caption of Tehuti Gold and Lister’s collaboration for Flames In The Darkness reads: “hoping to inspire and bring change.” That quote is indicative of the uplifting, motivational message within the People Help The People sampling new release from two local emcees.

The records story arc focuses on a social commentary on the so-called Facebook generation and throws an anti-bullying stance into the second verse. While I’ve heard a number of records which speak on societal issues from the North East circuit, the passion and poetic pathos packed into not only Flames In The Darkness, but the message transcends Tehuti’s music.

A quick scroll of the Hylton Castle bar-smith’s Twitter timeline, reveals that he’s an extremely spiritual person who strongly believes in promoting positive change. Speaking on his New North East movement, Tehuti tweets “All we are tryna do is spread a message and raise our generations consciousness! The message is bigger than the music. Elevate your MIND #NNE”, solidifying that his beliefs and musical topics are one and the same.

While his other tracks feature Joey Bada$$-esque influences from traditional Hip Hop, and references to the third eye – Flames In The Darkness is devoid of those conventions, and is instead stripped back to the bare minimum, allowing the raw, emotionally resonant, honest lyricism to take centre stage.

I’m not sure how much we need a revolution in the North East, there are artists in a similar lane to the NNE collective and it does seem as though it’s just a title given to justify Tehuti’s thirst for being the top talent in the region. Truthfully it’s not needed. The talent is undeniable, and the conscious messages will always be my favourite side to Hip Hop music but at the same time, balance is needed. Those grittier rappers reflecting on the negative aspects of growing up in the North East are just as important in representing our scene. That said, Flames In The Darkness is probably the best track I’ve heard coming from the local scene of the year, so far – and I’m excited for more from Tehuti, and his enigmatic friend who features on the recent release.


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