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Dying Light to come to all major consoles in the UK this week

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Like the dark? Like watching the Walking Dead? Then you should probably get your hands on Warner Bros’ new survival-horror game, Dying Light, which will be released on all major consoles in the UK on Friday February 28.

Having already been released digitally and physically in America, the first-person perspective game has already received good reviews from early players.

The open-world, vast, urban map takes you through a city crawling with zombies. During daylight, it is up to you to take the initiative as you hunt and survive attacks from zombies and other desperate human survivors.

However, as you may have guessed by the title, when the sun sets that’s when things get really interesting. This is what separates it from others in its genre, because at night, as well as your visibility being severely reduced, the zombies become much more active and dangerous.

There are also apparently very scarce supplies. One reviewer claimed he did not come across a gun until 10 hours of game-play so a more pragmatic approach should be used.


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