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A Lyrical Dance Concert comes to the Maltings Theatre in Berwick

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Gillie Kleiman, of Geordie origins, comes back to Newcastle after touring the UK to perform a comedy with the help of Sarah Lindstrom and guest performer Eleanor Sikorski.

This is a party, a cabaret, a gig, an experimental performance or, maybe, A Lyrical Dance Concert, all in one. With borrowed music, lyrics and dances, the artists give the audience an opportunity to get into the show and be part of it.

Kleiman and Lindstrom met in France and straight away found out they shared the same love of the twists of language and song that pop music offers.

In their show, they explore questions of value, responsibility, care and reverence and, for them, pop music belongs to us and it can do what we want it to do.

They advise audiences to grab a drink and a pal and prepare for a lot of fun.

A Lyrical Dance Concert will be performed on February 24 and February 25 at Northern Stage, Newcastle, and on February 28 at The Maltings Theatre, Berwick.


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