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Catch Me Daddy comes to UK cinemas

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After winning the praise of critics at the Cannes’ film festival a few weeks back, Catch Me Daddy could well be a movie that pleasantly surprises at the cinema this month.

Set in the Yorkshire moors the plot revolves around Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed), a young girl hiding from her family with her boyfriend Aaron (Connor McCarron). They find solace in a caravan on the outskirts of the moors.

Her not so pleasant family however, hire a gang of thugs to go after Laila in an attempt to bring her back to her father, avenging the family’s honour. She flees and the hunt to return her intensifies. The movie will no doubt touch on race and class, possibly resembling the films released by Warp , for example This Is England.

Those who saw it at the festival described it a dark and grim, but a nerveless, impressive debut from former music video director Daniel Wolfe.

Catch Me Daddy comes to UK cinemas on Friday February 27.


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