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Regime sets new standard for local Hip Hop with Town That Talks

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In the latest release from rapper-producer Regime, the Durham-based rapper brings a Subtrax produced record, packed with poetic pathos as he spits introspective bars over the intricate instrumental. Town That Talks is the latest in a lengthening list of local Hip Hop releases to impress, as the scene continues to grow in quality of music, quantity of artists and popularity with fans.

This release is a soulful sample of a production platter which mixes percussion, string and brass instruments together to make one of the better soundboards I’ve heard from a North East rap release in 2015 so far. With a full project seemingly in its early stages between Regime and Subtrax, I’m excited to see what the pair could cook up. With Regime’s vocals being a natural fit for a Subtrax backdrop on Town That Talks, I’d have high expectations for the follow-up, but I’m confident they could match the quality on offer here, if not better it with a collaborative mixtape or EP.

Despite the littering of expletives throughout, Regime’s personal story, articulating his experiences of living in the North East, leaves a somewhat vulnerable representation of the emcee. This dystopian viewpoint on his hometown, depicted with a predominantly monosyllabic rhyme scheme filled with internals, offers insight into the general tone of the Durham rapper, which, stylistically, wouldn’t sound out-of-place on Leddie & Smoggy’s Sorry We’re Late album.

With a capable, but not overpowering, mic presence and a lively delivery that is a far cry from monotone, Regime is a naturally gifted rapper. A clean, crisp delivery is invaluable in Hip Hop, and whilst it is often overlooked with the likes of Young Thug and Danny Brown, more traditional Hip Hop heads would be much more open to listening to a talent like Regime who can enunciate words with precision.

The one thing missing from Town That Talks is a strong sense of poetry-influenced songwriting skill, utilising alliteration and polysyllabic rhyming patterns to further the songs’ quality – but as it stands, Town That Talks is a very solid effort from Regime, and I’ll definitely be checking for more from him.


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