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Just B & TM collaborate for new B2B grime release

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In the North East, Grime MCs are few and far between. Unlike the rappers of London, there’s a definite preference in Newcastle and the surrounding area for a slower tempo BPM than the 140 equivalent of Grime. Yet, those who do like production that fits the mould shaped by the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Wiley shouldn’t be overlooked – because they’re equally worthy of note by their southern peers.

In the latest FNB TV upload to YouTube, two of the North East’s top-tier Grime talents – Just B and TM – team up for a B2B special. The pair provide a showcase of their capability over the more frequent BPM, and completely outshine the recent effort from Kema Kay, as well as various talents that are represented on some of the UK’s premier urban music outlets, evidencing why the region should be featured on nationally renowned series like Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Streets.

Whilst both Just B and TM impressed with their respective contributions, the raw aggression of TM was a distinct highlight of the video, with Just B’s flow and rhyming patterns coming close runners-up. TM dispelled criticisms of Northerners spinning Grime and earned comparisons to various South London emcees of recent years in stealing the spotlight from the east side of the capital. With the likes of Stormzy, Krept & Konan and Section Boyz bringing braggadocios bars and backing them up with conviction, it’s easy to compare TM to the new generation of Grime figureheads and, in truth, both he and Just B, can stand up to at the least the latter of the trio.

The one thing that they perhaps lack is Section Boyz’ energetic chemistry in which each act as hype men for one another, providing extra layers to their music. With this B2B collaboration, the respective emcees exude excellence in terms of individualism but to truly capture the magic of Grime, which lies in its unique energy, there is a demand for a better chemistry with one another, or they might as well have released their verses separately.


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