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Review: Jamilah – Something & Love

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When it comes to music, it takes something special to grab my attention if it’s not Hip Hop. In the North East, there are only a handful of acts that have managed to turn my head – Lisbon, Street Party In Soho and Mitch Laddie Band. Last week, I was introduced to a new entrant to that list in the form of the beautiful Jamilah Hassan.

The model/singer drops off a track that typifies not judging a book by its cover in the music video for Something & Love. It’s a notably low budget visual accompaniment for a track that sounds like it’s been produced by a major label, and that’s testament to the raw talent Jamilah possesses. The video feels like a homemade video, the type of thing you shoot on your phone just to capture the memories of a good time, and while on the surface it’s a far cry from the quality of the song, the pair fit together tremendously.

Something & Love is inexplicably, simultaneously nostalgic and current.  The Newcastle songstress has crafted a record that wouldn’t be out of place being played at fairgrounds, with their typical throwback soundtracks, or on rotation of national radio stations. When it comes to pop-fused R&B, I’m usually ignorant to it, but there’s something special about Jamilah and Something & Love that is inescapably incredible, and has me thirsting for more.

Who knew a local singer from Newcastle could churn out something this good?


One Response to Review: Jamilah – Something & Love

  1. Mark Fatona 10th March 2015 at 7:39 pm

    It’a a shame the video looks like that, I oiffered to do a better one free.


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