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Coquin Migale on re-releasing GOLD, upcoming gigs and being featured in NME

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Coquin Migale

Coquin Migale, made up of Alex Soper (guitar and vocals), Matthew Wooton (guitar), Dan Rawlinson (drums) and Stevie Kane (bass), are set to re-release GOLD as a single on the March 20, which was originally released as part of their EP The Yellow Room.

After personally being asked by PEACE to support them on stage at their Newcastle Cluny gig, and capturing the attention of Radio 1, BBC 6 and NME, Alt/Indie band Coquin Migale are taking the North East’s music scene by storm.

Guitarist Matthew Wooton explains how the gig came about: “Me and Alex (Soper) went to see PEACE last year and ended up having a night out in Gotham with them, it was pretty eventful, I woke up in hospital and Alex put a brick through my window because he was locked out, but our boy Harrison followed Alex on Twitter and they got talking, it all kind of came about from that” says guitarist Matthew.

After supporting local acts such as Avalanche Party and Bernaccia previously, sharing stages with the likes of Southern and Dexters, and having the pleasure of playing at Indie Week and Corbridge Festival, Coquin Migale have their feet firmly on the North East’s music scene and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In NME’s January issue, the band accomplished another huge step in their careers after being featured in NME’s Radar section.

Speaking about being featured in NME Stevie said: “It was mint, we got the email saying “You’re going to feature in next week’s NME please send over photos ASAP” and I hit the deck. I don’t think we’ve ever replied to an email so fast.”

Alex added: “Having my name in NME was pure vibes, I called me mam at our fish shop back in Scarborough and she nearly dropped phone into the salmon. It was just a bit wild really.”

Despite more and more promising acts emerging out of the region, the rivalry between local bands remains absent. Coquin Migale are no strangers to performing on stage and have recently taken it upon themselves to host their very own gigs at Head of Steam in Newcastle, a venue favoured by the lads.

Speaking about North East talent and the Head of Steam gigs Alex said: “There are some great bands up here (in the North East) but I’d like to think there’s not too much competition. We’re hosting gigs on the scene every month or so and the crowds that are being pulled in for all the local acts is great. We all get on.”

Matthew added: “We hosted gigs with some other great local bands last month and managed to sell 70+ tickets which really packed out the venue. We had people right up to the front and singing our lyrics back to us…it was class.”

Coquin Migale1

It’s difficult for any artist or band to become recognised in the music industry today but for Newcastle’s quartet Coquin Migale things have come about quicker than expected.

Stevie: “Well considering we’ve only been gigging for just over a year, it has been pretty sudden, especially the past couple of months. Things have really picked up since the release of FEEL in December.”

The lads explain that putting a lot of time into self-promotion and making plenty of emails to the right people is a good way to start for struggling artists and bands, as well as contacting newspapers and local radio stations.

Dan: “In Summer I was playing drums to videos of Muse on YouTube and now I’m playing in this vibey band.”

To see the band go from strength to strength, families and friends must be proud of all their success so far…

Matthew: “My mum’s opinion hasn’t changed much really, she thought we’ve been as big as Arctic Monkeys since our first gig, she always texts me saying “have fun tonight playing to thousands of people”… She’s lost the plot.”

Stevie: “I called my Mum up to tell her I was going to be played on Radio One and she said “Oh that’s nice…so have you sorted out getting your radiator repainted?” My Dad was well ‘appy though.”

More recently the lads have just completed a video shoot for their single GOLD with a friend from Stevie’s hometown of Harrogate.

Stevie: “The shoot (for GOLD) was cool. We’re doing the video with my friend Louis from home, he’s got that edge that we want and we knew what he was capable off. It’s been two-three weeks since the shoot and it’s just about done. It’s class.”

Alex: “We’ve never really been a fan of the generic music videos with the bands just playing all the way through so we’ve gone for a more visual adventure, like you’re “dreaming.”

Even after supporting PEACE the lads don’t have much time to relax as they prepare for another set at House of Steam in Newcastle tonight (Friday March 20).

So what is next for Coquin Migale, where do they see the band in five years?

Dan: Glastonbury…jokes. But I wouldn’t mind a tour with Jon Hopkins next year he’s a proper lad and turning Mildmay into a home recording studio.

Matthew: Festivals. We want to make the most of this summer really, keep the momentum going.

Alex: Head of Steam anniversary gig.

Stevie: London. There’s just such a great scene down there and I’d love to see us as part of it.

Coquin Migale will be playing at House of Steam in Newcastle on Friday March 20 and re-releasing their single GOLD the same day.

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