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Rex Regis continues assault of releases with Brainfeeders’ Rick Fury collab

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When it comes to putting the graft in and trying to grab peoples attention with a multitude of sequential releases, Rex Regis is second to none. With as many as 10 tracks released in 2015 alone, the Brainfeeders member is quickly asserting himself as one of the hardest workers in North East Hip Hop, and one of four tracks released this week (at time of writing) comes courtesy of Brainfeeders’ Rick Fury & DJ A.D.S collaboration – Fire.

Fire has a captivating chorus, which implores a sing-a-long and phenomenal beat, that’ll have you toe-tapping in no time, lays the foundation for each of the MC’s to bring diverse contributions that vary in approaches, but remain consistent in terms of quality. Whether it’s U Call Me Sir coming with Royce Da 5’9 reminiscent multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, DJ A.D.S’ intrusive aggression that commands the ear with effortless ease, Deej’s weirdo braggadocios bars, J Man’s dulcet tones that’ll leave you thirsting for more, Regis’ jouissance, inducing regional references, and Fury’s charismatic contribution perfectly capped by a nod to Seagulls in Shields – every verse is top quality.

Personally I found myself vibing most to Rick Fury’s feature from the first few listens but as I’ve let the Fire grow, U Call Me Sir and Rex are neck-in-neck for my vote of the ever-present Who Killed It debate that always follows posse-cuts. While the Brainfeeders aren’t currently working on collaborative projects, focusing on solo releases instead, with tracks like Fire in mind, I’d love to see a return from the group. Especially now that Big Beat Bronson have split, there’s a demand for a group in North East Hip Hop, and I can’t think of better replacements than Rex and co.

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