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Dredz and L link up for loyalty preaching anthem – Your Team.

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Dredz and L

North East Hip Hop rarely provides records that could be understood nationally, usually the region’s rapper’s record tracks with references that only locals could appreciate, and use slang that outsiders would struggle to understand. In the latest offering from Dredz, he and L team up for a cut that transcends regional boundaries, as Your Team is fit with lyricism that is nationally accessible.

With references to Britain based pop culture figures such as Gary and Phil Neville, a simplistic hook and club-hop type beat, Your Team could easily ring off in Hip Hop clubs up and down the country. With a fair amount of braggadocios proclamations of superiority, and a thematical focus on loyalty, the track could connect universally, if it wasn’t for inexplicable accent barrier that prevents equality between UK and US MCs. Had this very same song had American Hip Hop names on it, a la Big Sean or YG, it would have been a definite hit.

That is the price of releasing radio-ready records at an underground level however, Dredz and L both lack the buzz to reach the mainstream ears and the style to impress independent-inclined Hip Hop heads.  Your Team is a genuinely good effort from the North East pair, but whether it reaches the ears it should, and whether it’ll prove popular with the ears it does reach remains to be seen. Whether you’re a fan of radio-ready tracks or not, it’s hard to argue against the fact that North East Hip Hop has a deficit of artists pushing this style of rap music, and there’s always a need for balance.

With summer fast approaching, I’m thirsting for records that are less gritty and aggressive, and more up-tempo and fun – with Big Beat Bronson splitting, and Kema Kay (who shot and edited the video) experimenting with different approaches, I’ll be looking for more from Dredz and L in the coming months.


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