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Review: The Voices – “another great notch on Reynolds’ belt”

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Let’s get one thing straight, I have a Ryan Reynolds radar. I can feel it in my bones when he’s about to drop a new film, and I can usually tell immediately whether or not it’s going to be good. When I heard (sensed) that The Voices was about to come out, I just knew that it was going to be a tragic love story about two Romeo-and-Juliet types, kept apart by the judgmental voices of others. It was going to be an emotional, bumpy ride that would leave audiences in tears of joy, rooting for our hero.

So, imagine my surprise when I looked up the trailer and saw what may well be the most intriguing yet off-putting clip of all time. Quite the opposite of a tragic love story, The Voices follows Jerry (Reynolds), a likeable, yet clearly clinically insane guy. Working the 9-to-5 at the local bathtub factory, he’s asked to host a party, where he instantly falls for Fiona (Gemma Arterton). He tries to pursue his office crush, with help from his talking pets, obviously, but when she stands him up for their date, Jerry’s mental problems take a turn for the absolute worst.

The film has the clinical feel that accompanies most small-town comedies; the feeling that although everything looks bright and breezy, there’s something not quite right going on behind closed doors. The small town is a great film location; if it was set in a big city, the storyline wouldn’t work as well, and it would be dismissed as just another dark comedy.

Extremely gory, and ridiculously odd, The Voices is the kind of funny that I feel guilty for laughing at. While some have accused the film of being offensive to those with mental problems and for advocating women-hating, I can only urge them to relax and remember that, above all, this is just comedy.

Undoubtedly funny in its own tasteless, quirky way, The Voices is another great notch on Reynolds’ belt, and although we’re used to seeing silly roles from Anna Kendrick, it’s fun to see her do something a little bit different.

The Voices is out now in cinemas, and is certificate R.

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