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Vino, U Call Me Sir & Regime team up for an all-North-East line-up of Heavy Hitters

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U call me sir

With production coming from Regime, U Call Me Sir and Vino team up for the aggressive, horror core record, Heavy Hitters. The pair of Hip Hop artists and the producer all hail from the North East, and Heavy Hitters is brimming with regional idioms and an impressive energy that makes for one of the better all North East collaborations of recent memory.

The track is packed with aggressive, violent lyricism that surprisingly peaks in the chorus, it peaks a little too much to even write, so I’ll let you listen to that one yourself. Each MC contributes one verse a-piece, with a brilliant hook bridging them, the track is all-round delight. Between the pop culture references, convincing threats litter the lyricism and culminates to one of the best horror core cuts to come from the region for a very long time.

This isn’t a couple of MCs trying to fit the mould of the Americans or Londoners that are more accessible to listen to, instead U Call Me Sir and Vino unapologetically articulate their heavy hits with broad accents and regional slang – which implores comparisons to Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner. Similarly to the Grime legend not conforming to the Americanised norm, these two localists don’t shy away from their roots, wearing Northern pride on their sleeves and the track is all the better for it.

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