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Pitch Perfect 2 comes to cinemas this May

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On May 15 the pitch is back, with the eagerly anticipated sequel to the summer hit that was Pitch Perfect. Join the Bella’s as they try to regain their credibility after an incident gone wrong.

As three time champions, they get invited to Washington D.C. to give a performance for the President’s birthday. Fat Amy accidentally reveals all when a ropes stunt goes wrong, leaving her dangling above the stage. Outraged, the ICCAs and Bardon University suspend the group immediately.

The Bella’s reach a deal with the university – win the world championships and be reinstated. It will be a task as Gail, between tears of laughter notes, “No American has ever won, the whole world hates us.” Becoming the underdogs once more, they must reach the top to insure the Bella’s legacy remains intact – a task made harder by their new rivals – a German super group.

With high energy performances – including one from real life a cappella group Pentatonix – and a medley of hit songs, including tracks from Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, Destiny’s Child and of course, a remix of the song Cups which will see you singing it all though out summer. Again.

Staring Anna Kendrick, Elisabeth Banks, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow, get ready to be pitch slapped in the unmissable film on May 13.

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