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Film Show – 24th July

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We’re deep into summer now, and blockbuster season is in full swing. With so many films, just how do you choose which to see this week? That’s where we come in. The Film Show with Liam, Ryan and Joe is here to sweep you lovingly off your feet like in An Officer and a Gentleman and guide you to the right choice for you at the cinema this week.
If we thought last week was busy, this Friday, the 24th of July, is even busier.

This week’s biggest release is another film from the studio responsible for 90% of everybody’s childhood memories, Pixar, who present to us Inside Out. Billed as a “major emotion picture”, Inside Out follows a young girl called Riley and the “control room” of emotions inside her head, who help guide her through life- Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust, voiced by such talented folk as Parks and Recreations Amy Poelher, Phyllis Smith from The Office US and Bill Hader amongst many others. Will this be another major success from director Pete Docter, who directed Up and Monsters, Inc., and another notch on Pixar’s near flawless record?

Another new release this week is Maggie, directed by Henry Hobson in his directorial debut. When you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, what films do you think of? Predator, Total Recall, The Terminator series, Commando? Or even comedy “classics”, Twins and Kindergarten Cop? Well, we bet you don’t think of him as being a loving father in an emotionally intense drama set during a zombie apocalypse, do you? Set in the American Midwest, Maggie follows a teenage girl played by Abigail Breslin who becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into cannibalistic zombies. During her transformation, her loving father, played by Arnie himself, stays by her side, as her symptoms become progressively worse and Arnold must decide his daughter’s fate. With many claiming this film to be Arnold’s best performance in over a decade, is Maggie the start of a new acting frontier for the action film legend?
As always, we’ll also be speaking about films that have been out for any length of time but remain showing at the cinema.

Last week brought the release of the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man. When former thief Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is recruited by Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to help him pull off one last heist, he must embrace his inner strength and become the hero he must be, for the world and for his daughter Cassie. Did the controversy surrounding formerly attached director Edgar Wright’s departure damage this film for us, or have Marvel knocked it out of the park once more as they steamroll on?

With Flash Gordon star Sam Jones revealing this week that he’s “already signed on” for Ted 3, Ted 2 remains in cinemas for you to see and judge whether it deserves that third film. The first Ted was a hit back in 2012, but does the Seth MacFarlane voiced titular bear still bring the laughs in this sequel, reunited with Mark Wahlberg but losing Mila Kunis and gaining Amanda Seyfried?

Speaking of Arnie, Terminator Genisys, the fifth instalment in the Terminator franchise, featuring the returning Arnie and bringing in Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney as Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese respectively, marches on. Was this the film to take some of the rust off this once great franchises metal interior, or should it just be *ahem* terminated for good?
If you’ve been in almost any shop this summer, you’ll likely have seen a Minion plastered on a blanket, shampoo or clothing. The irreverent mascots of the Despicable Me series are a merchandising powerhouse and their solo film Minions continues to take cinemas by storm just like the yellow Minions themselves. Were they strong enough to hold a film on their own?
And finally, we’ve got a film which is just not giving up at the box office, and remains very much at the top of the food chain. Jurassic World is now the 3rd biggest film of ALL TIME, behind Titanic and Avatar, which is nothing to be sniffed at. It may be cleaning up at the box office, but was Jurassic World a worthy film in a series beloved to many, especially the original film?
We’ll also be talking a little about true classic of cinema The Third Man, directed by Carol Reed and featuring the legendary Orson Welles, which is released on Blu-Ray this week.

You can listen to us in full and hear our thoughts on all the films above at mixcloud.com/LRJFilmShow (where you can also listen to our podcasts from months past and hear our opinions on the best films of the past year and beyond), and get involved with us with your opinions on films you’ve seen this week, good or great, bad or terrible, or just plain average, at our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and at the #SparkFilmShow hashtag on Twitter, and we’ll read out and discuss your opinions on the show!
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