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Once Upon A Time Is Back!

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The first instalment of season 5 returns with some big changes.

Last Tuesday we saw Once Upon A Time return for its fifth season and let me tell you, it’s better than ever!

With Rumple in a coma and Emma Swan’s name on the Dark One’s dagger season 5 was set to be the most explosive so far and after months of teasing we finally got to see the rise of the Dark Swan.

Lets face it, there was never going to be peace and quiet in StoryBrooke, even if the Evil Queen had put her dark side behind her so she could find her happy ending.

News flash- There are no happy endings in StoryBrooke!

So in the first episode we see Emma Swan trying to battle against the Dark Ones voice in her head encouraging her to embrace the darkness. Surely the saviour is strong enough not to give into the temptation of dark magic? Right?


One  minute Emma and her family are on a quest to Camelot to find Merlin, a sorcerer who can help her cure the darkness, the next thing you know Emma is transformed into a badass looking Dark One!

Somewhere between entering Camelot and the casting of a new curse, the viewers are introduced to the Black Swan.

Fast forward a week and we finally get to see why she embraced the darkness.

It seems that the ex Evil Queen just can’t catch a break when it comes to having her own happy ending.

Turns out its because of her that Emma became dark – Ironic because now Regina (Evil Queen) is the good guy!

Robin Hood (Regina’s new love) is killed during a sword fight while attending a ball in Camelot which leads to a tearful Regina begging for Swan to use her powers to heal him.

But as Rumple always says – All magic comes at a price!

Unbeknownst to them, this price would be someone else’s life, Hoods renewed life to be precise (confusing I know)

Fast forward to the present day in StoryBrooke and everyone’s still trying to figure out what is going on. Its not the first time they’ve been cursed to forget (Seems like an annual tradition on the show)

It also appears that Emma is on a new quest, a quest to free the infamous sword from the stone which she stole from King Arthur while at Camelot. Who knows what dark magic will occur if she succeeds!

What’s going to happen next week?

Can Mary Margret and David save their daughter from the darkness?

Can the now dark saviour be saved?

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