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Hello, it’s me – Adele makes a surprise comeback with new single

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Video courtesy of Adele’s Vevo

Not even Lionel Richie can make this much of an impact with the word hello.

After giving half the UK population a heart attack in the X Factor ad break with a 30 second snippet of her first new release since Skyfall in 2012, Adele has released the full song ‘Hello’ today on her Vevo channel and social media has exploded.

It seems she has been through a lot since the release of the globally-adored ’21’. A statement she released on Twitter explained that the new album, ’25’ is ‘a make-up record’ where she is making up with herself for the lost time she spent wishing to grow up and clinging on to old memories.

So when ‘Hello’ opens with a greyscale country scene with Adele talking into a flip-phone with the wind blowing her hair in a dramatic fashion, we just know this is going to be a song we play while comfort eating and trying to get over a bad relationship.

As she takes the sheets off furniture in a run-down house and sighs, she croons the words everyone lost their minds over in the teaser advert, “Hello, it’s me.”

Dixon from 90210 plays an odd cameo as the estranged lover who Adele just can’t make things work with, and the rest of the video illustrates the struggle of leaving a relationship and breaking someone’s heart.

In true Adele style, she belts into an incredibly melodic and catchy chorus. You can pretty much guarantee that people are going to be screaming ‘Hello from the other side’ at each other for the next month or so.

The thing is, if it wasn’t Adele this video and song would probably be a huge cliche. The “I’m sorry I broke your heart” lyrics, the greyscale dramatic wind shots, the wolf-like howling, the single tear rolling down a perfect face of make-up… it’s all a bit cringey when you think about it. However, Adele has the power to take every single part of a music video that is overdone and make it beautiful.

Is Hello the next Someone Like You? I think so. Is the next album going to be a best seller? Almost definitely. Are flip-phones going to come back into fashion? Only time will tell.

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