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Review – Kevin Bridges in Newcastle

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The Scotsman, the myth, the legend…

Kevin Bridges kicked off the first night of his ‘A Whole Different Story’ tour in Newcastle Upon Tyne and he whipped up a storm of hysterical laughter within the heavily occupied City Hall as he showed the audience his funny yet slightly angry view of the world.

It was very hard not to laugh at the themes and subjects that were covered during the whole performance ranging from the Government’s policies, on the dole – to all the new weight loss fads that people follow, even taking a crack at internet culture.  I was kept thoroughly entertained throughout with side splitting laughter, as he showed how much of an angry Scotsman he can be, but he does it with a high level of style and not in a stereotypical way which makes the jokes even more funny, since you don’t see it coming as he starts off all nice and friendly at first then goes off on one to drive the punchlines home.

The whole audience howled with laughter and some even got involved as well but that sadly was only contained to the front rows but a few very excited Scottish people in the back gave it there all. Now that proves that Kevin Bridges has a very dedicated fan base and who can blame them with jokes such as “I can get away with saying things like hoose, haway, dinnae here in Newcastle I cannit on my streets it’s all posh.”

I don’t think I’ve ever had a time at a comedy gig where I’ve laughed so hard that I’ve had tears rolling down my face. I loved it, the audience loved it and Kevin Bridges enjoyed it when he thanked the audience at the end so a definite must see for any comedy fan.


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