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Gaming: Which Is The True Ruler Of The Stars?

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The following two games are large scale first person, Space and Stars exploration adventure games. Both of them have their own style of build, they’re ultimate space games.

Elite Dangerous

The first of the games is Elite Dangerous, the only game of the two which is already released. This game allows you choose how you want to make your riches, there are several ways to make money; the first trading goods which you buy at space stations for a profit. Or you can go the illegal root by trading on the black market, which is a lot more dangerous as the local security will drop a heavy fine on you if your scanned cutting the money you just earned in half.

In the game, you can also become a bounty hunter and find and kill all those with bounties from 200 credits to 100,000,000 credits depending on what and how many crimes they have committed. Sometimes in the game when you take out contracts to kill certain people in the system, you have to hunt down and claim your prize after your contract is complete. But if you don’t want to earn all your money from killing people you can always go exploring the universe and sell all the information to distant space stations for some good credits. All in all, there are many ways to play the game.

As your wealth grows you are able to customise your ship with different weapons utility items and all the internal systems such as cargo holds, fuel tanks, shield generators, engines and pretty much every thing you can think of. The main focus of the game is on the combat which is flawless flight simulation where all of your dogfights can be a very tense fight if your up against anyone pilot AI or human make a good challenge. The game controls may need some tweaking before you first play but when they are changed it makes it much more comfortable to play with and allows you control you ship with extreme accuracy.
Unfortunately they have not released a lot of information on the horizon, which is meant to be releasing the ability to land on planets and drive around on buggies, so we have that to look forward to.

No Man’s Sky

No mans sky is a huge game with a system which randomly generates planets which are all unique and there is a lot: 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 which is 18 quintillion, that are all unique planets which unfortunately would take a while to check if they are all unique. The game will allow you to visit and land on all of the planets get out and explore. Each of the could be inhabited with animals and plants, you can explore the plant in the comfort of your ship or take a walk with your trust multi purpose tool to be used for killing wildlife or mining for resources to make items to sell to increase your wealth. But be aware that when you kill the wildlife there will be some consequences from the sentinels which will begin looking for you as they are a self replicating robot force which are on all plants with life, these robots you’ll likely kill with out a problem but they begin to get bigger and bigger and get a lot harder to beat so inevitably you’ll get in your ship and bail if you’re not dead already.
This is the sort of space game which allows you take which ever path to your riches you want form trader or explorer to pirate or a warrior. So this allows you to play any style you want, even mix it up a bit be exploring pirate pillage while you travel. As there is almost limitless number of plants you can travel and never visit a plant more than once.

A conclusion to this all would be that in my opinion, No Man’s Sky would win this galactic battle by a long mile. The ability go down to the ground level and explore the entire planet for now is exclusive to No Man’s Sky. Also the game allows you to leave your ship creating a change of pace while playing the game from tense space dogfights to casual exploring of the beautiful plants which there are many to explore.

By Stephen Aunger

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