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Imagine Dragons Amaze Crowd in Newcastle

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Taking centre stage, Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons frontman, with the rest of the band by his side requested that the almost sold out arena joined him in a moment’s silence to show remeberence and respect to the people of Paris.

That was how the band wanted to start proceedings, and a fitting way it was.

Imagine Dragons /LiamLillico

With a round of applause, the band opened their show with ‘It’s Time’, from their 2012 ‘Night Visions’ album. For the entirety of the show, I was, which I’d later decide was possibly the best spot in the arena, sat mid way in the stalls, perfectly in line to where the stage came out into the crowd, so Dan and I could make eye-contact (Yep, that happened. 100%..) and so i could see the rest of the audience. Taken from their most recent album, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ ‘Shots’ was most definetly a crowd pleaser, as was the bands cover of Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’, which Dan took another opportunity to remember and reflect on the events in Paris. Another song that featured in the show was ‘Polariod’, again taken from their newest album.

A brand new song brought another particular touching moment to the night. ‘I Was Me’, (which was written and released with all proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency) brought the arena to another silence as Dan took a break from singing to deliver some poigniont words.

“May we advance in life with peace and love.. Gender, sexuality, nationality. It’s meaningless- we’re all just one.”

Daniel Wayne Sermon, you my long haired friend can PLAY the guitar. Your fingers must be pure steel or something, it’s the only logical explination after that 5 minute guitar solo. My hat comes off to you sir- it was the perfect way into ‘I’m So Sorry’. The night was topped off by having the crowd going wild for two of my favourite tracks from the band. ‘On Top Of The World’ and ‘I Bet My Life’ did not disapoint live, at all, before getting the encore we had all been waiting for which included ‘Radioactive’.

All in all, I’d have to go as far to say that I was one of the best live set’s I’ve seen. It was high-enegry and well put together and sincere. Sitting, enjoying the show, I on a few different occasions thought to myself ‘Wow, this is one of the reasons I work in radio. I get to witness things like this and call it work, somehow. There’s something special about making eye contact with any singer and yelling with support, kicking of a chain reaction from the crowd. I had goosebumps on multiple occasions, and for that I thank you I.D, it was something special- until next year.

Serious post-gig blues. @imaginedragons you were incredible last night. Numerous times I sat in my press-seats and thought to myself ‘this is one of the reasons I work in radio. Because it let’s me witness stuff like this and call it work.” it was special. Thank you.

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