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The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable”

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Todd McFarlane attends AMC's "The Walking Dead" season six premiere fan event at Madison Square Garden on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015, in New York. Picture by: Charles Sykes/Invision/Press Association Images

Todd McFarlane attends AMC’s “The Walking Dead” season six premiere fan event at Madison Square Garden on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015, in New York.
Picture by: Charles Sykes/Invision/Press Association Images

Quite uneventful. Episode six, Always Accountable, of season six of The Walking Dead was exactly that.

However the writers still manage to get the audience talking texting and blogging with an ending sequence to debate. The episode starts again non linearly, we catch up with the leaders of the walker pack, lone biker Daryl (Norman Reedus) and road trip buddies Sasha and Abraham (Sonequa Martin-Green and Michael Cudlitz) as they reach the 20 mile turnoff Rick had outlined in his plan, which up to this point has had a varied degree of success. Putting it lightly.

After the turn off the trio are confronted by gunfire and are thusly separated. Abe and Sasha decide to hold up and wait for the tracker Daryl to find them before attempting to make their way back to the safe zone without a vehicle. The scenes that follow show the development of a relationship between the duo, with Abrahams cartoon character good looks and Sasha’s tendency to use walkers as an armchair, it’s difficult to see why the pair wouldn’t unite. However with girlfriend Espinoza back home, as Sasha says: Abrahams “got some stuff to take care of”. It will be interesting to see how this one develops.
Meanwhile as the romance of the post apocalypse ensues Daryl is left alone and wounded in a burned down forest. As he meanders through the barren wilderness he encounters three survivors, Dwight, Tina And Sherry. The group seem to have escaped from a larger outfit and mistake Daryl for a former companion. Not permitted to speak, Daryl is unable to properly plead his innocence. In a turn of events which sees Daryl escape and return twice to the threesome, he uses his experience to help his former captors evade the force they are fleeing from. He then goes on to ask the three question which could see the two of them (oh yeah one was killed by botanist zombies) emitted into the Alexandrian fold.
After naively trusting the newbies Daryl is subsequently robbed of his bike and his beloved crossbow and left stranded at least 20 miles from home. But after luckily finding transport he carriers back to Alexandria, picking up the lovebirds on the way.
The climax of the episode is when it starts to get interesting. After hopelessly trying to contact anyone through his walkie-talkie Daryl hears a muffled voice respond… “Help”.
This leads me to the main question I’d like to pose. Who is the mystery man on the other end of the line. Well here’s the possibilities I find most likely or most interesting:
1. Rick 
Before we saw Rick making out with the widow Jessie last week, we were previously left with him alone in a campervan surrounded by the dead, perhaps we will see next episode how he escaped from his plight and maybe find out that it was indeed he who sought aid. Though this is made less likely as he returns to Alexandria alone, running through walkers and non the wiser about the whereabouts of either the three leading the horde or Glenn and “He who must not be named”, aka Nicholas.
2. Glenn
Without trying to preach too much, I believe “walker bait” is still alive and kicking. But even so he wasn’t left in the best situation the last we saw him, so he might find some of the aforementioned “help” useful.
3. An Alexandrian
As was teased at the end of the last episode “Now” there seems to have been a crack in the Alexandrian battlements. So the cry for help could be from an inhabitant, someone like the cowardly Spencer or Fr. Gabriel could fit the bill.
4. “It’s a trap!” 
It’s believed that the pursuers we saw previously in the episode were the comic book group called “the survivors”, it’s unlikely the show would introduce us to the outfit so fleetingly without more of a story to follow. Either way it’ll certainly not be the last we’ll see of them.

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