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Once Upon A Time – The Birth

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Once Upon A TimeWith Once Upon A Time airing two episodes this week it was no surprise that there would be some HUGE plot twists.

In the most shocking twist of the show so far, we finally get to see why Emma wanted the Excalibur whole so badly – A twist you would never have seen coming.

The first episode begins with Prince Charming, Captain Hook and Robin Hood capturing King Arthur back in Storybrooke. Arthur tries to run away after refusing to answer why he attempted to burn away the only hope of the others ever contacting Merlin to free Emma of her darkness.

But as they capture Arthur, Emma intervenes by fighting him off with a whole Excalibur, saving Hooks life before telling him that she is doing all of this and everything for him.

(Hold that thought for later on)

Flashing back to Camelot and Emma has the spark of Prometheus which will finally allow her to rejoin Excalibur and snub out her darkness.

However, there’s a problem as the others haven’t returned from their quest to find the sword.

Little does Emma know, they are currently being held captive by a now controlled Merlin who has been ordered to kill them if she doesn’t give him the dark one dagger and the flame.

Flash forward to present day Storybrooke and Hook is adamant to find out what Emma meant by her actions were for him.

The others however, look to find out what the missing piece of the potion is that they think Emma is looking for to end all light magic.

Back in Camelot, she is struggling to light the flame of Prometheus as the Rumple in her head is taunting her, telling her she doesn’t really want to do it and that she wants to take on the darkness.

However we see a glimmer of hope when Henry informs her that her current love, Captain Hook or Killian as he likes to now be called, is in fact planning their future together and has bought them a house.

Unfortunately this glimmer of hope is squished once she arrives in the forest to see all of her loved ones tidied to tree’s and a wicked, pregnant Zelena smugly watching over them as she boasts about having her magic back.

Back to Storybrooke and we see Zelena fall to the floor in her padded cell which she was locked in by her sister Regina – Turns out the onion rings the Dark One had offered her last week, to make a deal were in fact coated with a potion to speed her pregnancy up!

What is the Dark One up to?

Well, elsewhere in Storybrook Killian is determined to find out what Emma is hiding from him and why she took all of their memories from Camelot.

He thinks he’s finally getting somewhere until Emma kisses him and knocks him out with a potion after she tells him that she can’t have him getting in the way of what she’s about to do.

Back in the hospital where Zelena is about to give birth, the others think they have found out the last ingredient for Emma’s potion to get rid of light magic – The cries of a newborn child.

Flash back to Camelot again and Emma tricks Zelena into thinking she has the lit flame – It’s actually a spell to trap her so she can’t hurt Emma’s family.

Arthur won’t stand for this diversion and commands Merlin to kill Mary Margret, Emma’s mother first.

As Merlin manipulates the vines from the tree to strangle Mary Margret, Emma begs for him to resist the control and block Arthur out of his head.

Being the all powerful wizard he is, he finally succeeds and free’s her from her choke hold.

For once Killian’s hook comes in handy as he is able to free himself from the ties around him and jumps onto Arthur to prevent him from commanding Merlin to do anything else.

Arthur swipes at Killian with Excalibur and cuts him at the neck but Killian is able to counter attack and throw the king to the floor, stopping him from reaching for the sword.

Cowardly he runs away and demands Zelena to poof them out of the place.

Finally after hours of trying, Emma succeeds in lighting the flame after having a heart to heart with Hook revealing that she is scared of their future together.


In  Storybrooke Zelena finally has her baby but unbeknownst to the others Emma is in fact after Zelena, not the newborn after all!

She zaps them both out of the hospital and ties her in her basement along with the freshly awoken Hook.

Emma finally comes clean about why she needed Zelena – Turns out she isn’t as dark as we all once thought!

Her plan is in fact to transfer all of her dark magic into Zelena which will end up killing her with Excalibur – Her revenge for the wicked witch killing Emma’s first love, Neil.

Shocked by the revelation but knowing that it isn’t the true reason for Emma wanting to use Excalibur to snuff out the darkness, Hook pushes Emma further for answers.

Meanwhile, still thinking Emma is trying to get rid of all light magic, Regina’s furious and is on the war path to try and rescue her sister because ‘No-one hurts my sister but me’.

Appearing on her doorstep, Emma warns Regina and her plans and for them to back away – Shocker, they don’t listen leading Emma to create a protection spell around her house which will stop them getting in to stop her.

In the basement, Hook and Zelena form an alliance to free each other and are in the process of trying to escape by using Hooks enchanted hook to free them from their shackles.

Finally free, they search for an escape route but wanting to find out the real reason for Emma’s plans, Killian stays behind but protects himself with skid ink which once thrown on someone, paralyses them momentarily.

Fortunately for him he knew Emma would come looking.

However, unfortunately for him this was Zelena’s plan as she knew he would use it on Emma so before her eyes, Zelena stabs Hook in the chest!

BUT somehow he doesn’t die!!

Wanting to know what was going on, Zelena offers to give Hook his memories back from when they were all in Camelot.

Remember the little cut he had on his neck when Arthur slashed him with Excalibur? It was actually a fatal blow but had been covered up by the magic in the broken version of the sword. Now they were being reunited it faded and Killian was in fact dying in front of Emma.

Pleading for help Emma tries to save the dying pirate but there is no magic that would be able to save him – Or is there?

Not wanting to lose the second love of her life, Emma remembers what Merlin had once said to her – ‘You have strong power.’

She sets to use this power by releasing Merlin from the holds of Excalibur by tethering Killians life to instead – Creating ANOTHER DARK ONE!

Warning her against it, Merlin and Regina plead that it is a bad decision as it would cause them to have too much power and they would both go into the darkness!

Not caring what happens to her, Emma poofs them both into a beautiful, flowery meadow where Hook says his goodbyes as he refuses to become a Dark One, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to control his darkness.

As Emma weeps over her dying boyfriend she decides him dying wouldn’t be good enough for her.

Here comes the greatest twist in Once Upon A Time history!!


Not believing what he is reliving, Hook tries to get his head around the memories he has just remembered but sure enough on the Excalibur you see the names of both Emma Swan and Killian Jones!

Two Dark Ones!

Emma isn’t bad after all! She was just trying to save the love of her life! Using Zelena, she would be able to get rid of the dark magic out of both of them.

How will Storybrooke cope with the news of two Dark Ones?

What is Killian going to do to Emma?

Will King Arthur ever get his comeuppance?



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