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North East actor accepted to London Lift-Off Festival for A Six and Two Threes

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Picture sent by Andrew Dawson.

Picture sent by Andrew Dawson.

A young actor has been accepted to London Lift-Off Festival for A Six and Two Threes.

London Lift-Off Festival Global Network supports grassroots filmmakers to breakthrough into the film industry.

Andrew Dawson, 19, plays the lead role in a short film written and directed by Andy Berriman.

The film is about a young man called Sean, seeking a father he never knew in a rough estate. As he wanders around the estate he meets a young boy Mack, played by Shane Teasdale, who claims to know where Sean’s father lives.

The budding actor describes the duo wandering around the estate as “having a number of wild and comical conversations before a climax at the end”, which he won’t be spoiling.

Picture sent by Andrew Dawson.

Picture: Andrew Dawson/sent by Andrew Dawson.

Andrew said: “This is my first professional main screen role and the production was like nothing I’ve ever worked on before.

“An incredibly professional and passionate cast and crew made it so enjoyable to create.”

Although, he hates watching himself, finding it “cringey”, he watches to see how he can improve.

The young actor said: “For others seeing me I just hope they like what they see.

“If they don’t, quite frankly, I’d want to know why, so that I can take their criticism and turn it to see something positive to make a stronger performer.”

Acting has always been a passion from a young age. His first memory of acting was at the Westovian Theatre in South Shields.

He describes the role: “It was Our Day Out and I played a small role rather amusingly named Andrew.

“I had three lines, I think, but being on the stage was an absolute rush and I knew I wanted more.”

Previously he had watched his grandmother star on stage in numerous shows.

Andrew added: “She really was a driving force, supporting me and encouraging me to get involved.

“She once joked she was living vicariously through me, as she never had the opportunity to pursue acting when she was younger.”

Andrew has recently appeared in a short run at the Northern Stage in a production of the Blood Brothers, where he played the role of Mickey Johnston.

He said: “It was one of the greatest shows I have been part of.

“It was my first time on that stage, and it is just an absolute pleasure to perform on that vast stage to an audience who want to see theatre – they are actively interested making it a joy to make them laugh, cry or have them on the edge of their seat.

“We were the first show apparently to have sold out a matinee at Northern Stage, which was lovely to hear.”

It does not stop there for the budding actor. The busy schedule starts with the premiere of A Six and Two Threes in Stockton-on-Tees, the location of the film, in December.

He also has the role of principal boy in the production of Puss in Boots at Westovians Theatre, from January 22 until January 30, 2016.

Tickets are available now for the matinee and evening performances from £7.00.

The young star will also be part of the cast for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at The Journal Tyne Theatre and Opera House in March, 2016.

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