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Once Upon A Time – Swan Song

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The winter finale of Once Upon A Time is upon us, catch up on what happened with our latest review of Swan Song.

This week was the final episode before the season break and it was a very emotional one at that!

The episode started with a young Hook and his little brother Liam along with their fugitive father settling down for bed on a boat.

His dad reassures the scared boys that everything will be fine until they wake in the night to find their father missing.

Turns out he had traded his sons for a safe passage to hide from the law – now his children would be servants.

Back in Storybook, Rumple and Hook have another stand off with Hook taunting Rumple by telling him no wonder Belle didn’t want to be with the coward. A man who only truly loved power, nothing else.

It is then that Hook announces his trick to finally get his revenge on Rumple, to resurrect past Dark Ones – little does Rumple and the others know that he already has.

Not wanting Hook to fulfil his vengeful plan, the others set off around Storybook to find him and plan to do whatever it takes to stop him, but will Emma really kill Hook if needs be?

Separating from the group, Robin hood and Regina stumble across an excitable Zelena who plans to steal hers and Robin daughter away and take her back to Oz with her – of course Regina was not biding by that plan.

Suddenly there are Dark Ones everywhere and are creepishly stalking the Storybook residents until Nimue, Merlin’s true love, passes through Henry and the others.

Looking at their arms, the Storybook residents notice they have been branded with the mark of Charon, a mythical symbol which represented being dragged to the underworld.

Unfortunately for them, the Dark One’s had in fact traded souls with them as they passed through them.

Once it hit midnight they will be dragged down to hell where no one would get out alive –  After all, no one can fight death and get away in tact.

Not wanting to admit defeat, the others are determined to find another way of stopping Hook from his plans and preventing themselves from being dragged to hell.

However, ever the optimist, Rumple states the only way to live now is to say goodbye to your loved ones because you will all die no matter what you try.

Ignoring Rumples advice, the others set off to find Hook. After a while of searching Regina finally finds him by his boat, The Jolly Roger.

A smug Hook tells Regina she is a hypocrite because she originally cursed the kingdom when Snow told Regina’s mother her secret about being in love with a stable boy which in turn led to her mother killing Regina’s true love. Warning her off her plans he tells Regina that she has no idea what kind of a man he really is; however Regina and Hook have had a very devious past when they were together back in the Enchanted Forest.

We get to see a glimpse of their past as we see the Evil Queen and Hook plotting the death of the Queens mother Cora – the one who killed Regina’s true love.

Elsewhere in Storybook, the Charmings are looking at books to find out how to get rid of the mark; but Snow White for once has no hope and doesn’t think they’ll survive death this time. Instead she just wants to spend the remaining time she has left with the family by arranging a meal at Grannies.

There are tearful scenes as Snow arranges for herself and Charming’s son, Neil, to be left in Storybook with Emma as he doesn’t have a mark to drag him to hell and Emma is a Dark One so she can’t leave.

Not wanting to say goodbye, Emma leaves to find Regina where she pleads with her to keep her promise they made in Camelot about doing whatever it takes to get rid of the darkness – by sacrificing herself.

Back in Gold’s shop, Rumple gives Belle a potion so she can get across the town border without turning into a tree because of the recent curse – Ah! Belle’s hero because little does she know that he has the mark too so he will be dragged to hell.

Emma and Regina enter the shop and ask Rumple for Excalibur as he has kept it hidden from Hook since the big reveal of their being two Dark Ones. She informs him that she wants to absorb all the darkness into herself so she can use Excalibur to destroy herself.

Suspiciously, Rumple hands over Excalibur a little too easily but tells them it might not work as it chooses who it’s going to help.

Back in the Enchanted Forest and Regina is testing Hook to see if he will be able to kill Cora by sending him into a tavern to kill his father!

Back in Storybook and Zelena is adamant she is going to have her baby to herself. However, Regina has other ideas and use the wand that can rid of Zelena for good by sending her back to Oz – without her baby!

Emma can’t bring herself to say goodbye to her family so leaves them a note at Grannies to apologise for everything as they don’t realise she is about to sacrifice herself to save her loved ones. Unfortunately Hook is watching her as she leaves Grannies.

Back in the tavern, Hook confronts his dad; telling him that he’s the reason he became a pirate since he abandoned him and his brother on the boat when they were only little.

Turns out that his dad didn’t come back for them because he was put under a sleeping curse for a reason unknown to him but was later awoken by true loves kiss of course! What else?

His true love turned out to be his nurse who had treated him whilst he was in his sleep coma, they ended up happily married until she died from the plague.

Not wanting to be that man any more, Hook tells his father that  he was here to kill him but has changed his mind. Instead he tells him he has to run away and pretend he’s dead. He can flee in the night by a mode of transit. His father agrees to this but asks if he can bring another person along because it turns out that he and his wife ended up having another son!

Back in Storybook, Hook appears at Emma’s house where she has the Excalibur. He knows what she is planning and doesn’t want her to kill herself to stop him from getting his revenge. He spitefully tells her he is thankful for her turning him dark because now he’s able to take his revenge, not only on Rumple but also on her because now she can watch as those she loves die!

Back at Grannies and Mary Margaret finds the letter Emma left for them. Not wanting their daughter to sacrifice herself they all run off to find her and stop her from her ludicrous plan but are stopped in their tracks by the Dark Ones – there’s no way to prevent their trip to the underworld.

They are all suddenly transported to the underworld ship with a sobbing Emma watching as they begin to sailor away – after all she can’t stop them. As a last ditch attempt, Regina taunts Hook saying he won’t kill another family because of what happened in the Enchanted Forest with his father that night.

Back in Forest, Hook watches on sadly as his dad and his new brother share a loving moment before bed. However, Hook is struck with anger when he learns that his new brother is also called Liam just like his little brother who their dad abandoned and who later died because of this.

Anger boils up in Hook as he see’s how easily his father had replaced his son’s. He hasn’t changed at all, he was still the selfish man he had always been. There and then, Hook decides what man he wants to be by stabbing his father through the heart, watching as he crumples to the floor dyeing. In his last breaths his father pleads with him saying: “you can change, you can be a different man.”

Back in Storybook, Nimue announces it’s time for Emma’s family to be dragged to hell. Emma tries her hardest to stop the boat but is prevented by Nimue.

Reminiscing about what his father’s dying words to him were, Hook looks longing into Emma’s eyes – he doesn’t want to be that man after all! Suddenly snatching Excalibur from Emma, he stops the Dark One’s by absorbing their power into Excalibur.

Knowing that Emma was willing to kill herself just to save her loved ones had hit a nerve in Hook which led to him pleading her to take the sword and stab him instead – after all her family needs her and he’s weak with darkness. He just wants to die a hero now!

Emma is swallowed by guilt as she knows this is for the best; she tearfully takes the Excalibur from Hooks hand and kisses him for one last time, telling him she loves him and then stabs him. Since she has just snubbed out the darkness, she is no longer a Dark One! Not caring about that, she sobs as she holds a dying Hook in her arms. That is the end of the Dark duo and sadly the end of Captain Hook!

A little while later, Belle returns to Storybook because she realises that Rumple was finally a true hero as he had protected her against the darkness without there being an end game of power for him.

Elsewhere, a grieving Emma begins to hear voices in her head, voices coming from the dagger which had only a few days ago controlled her. Confused, she texts Rumple to meet at his shop as he would know what was going on with him being a former Dark One.

Surely she shouldn’t be able to hear the dagger since there is no Dark One any more as she had just killed Hook to prevent there ever being another, right? RIGHT? Wrong!!

Turns out Rumple hadn’t changed one bit! He was helping them out to gain power for himself. Without them knowing it, he had become the Dark One again!!

Remember when Emma had asked for Excalibur and Rumple had handed it over a little too easily? Well it turns out that he had doused Excalibur in magic, turning it into a conjugate. Where Hook had thought he had destroyed it by getting Emma to stab him with it, he had actually melted it which then Rumple had it channelled into himself.

Now, he has the combined power of every Dark One who ever lived! He had betrayed them all and most importantly, lied to Belle yet again.

Even though she is no longer the Dark One, Emma still has magic which may be able to help save Hook from his torturous, eternal existence in hell. So using the only tool of persuasion she has, she bribes Rumple to help her by  threatening to tell Belle about him being the Dark One – this time he would definitely lose her for good!

She asks Rumple to help her get into hell to get Hook back.

After Emma gets the others up to date about what is happening, they warn her that she is risking a lot by wanting to do this – after all, to break someone out of hell the rule is: it is a life for a life.

Emma had already thought that bit through and declared to the others that no one would have to die for Hook to be brought out of hell – she was going to give him half of her heart just like her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming had done for each other – how romantic!

Not wanting to wait, Emma commands Rumple to open the gate way to hell.

We watch as Snow White, Prince Charming, Robin Hood, Regina, Henry and Emma all walk to the boat to the underworld before Emma says: “Hook, I will find you. I will always find you.”

Will they find him?

Will they get out of hell alive?

Who will they bump into down there?

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