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Supergirl Overview – Episodes 1 – 3

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Taking girl power to the max and showing Green Arrow and the Flash she can do it as well as they can….da da da da it’s Supergirl!

Yes, Superman’s cousin is finally getting her turn in the spotlight with a thirteen part series and bringing the mythology to life including a variety of powers like flight, super strength, heat vision and super hearing.

Episode 1 – Pilot

The series kicks off with a flashback of Kara Zor-El being dispatched to Earth after her planet Krypton is due to explode. Kara is then charged with protecting her cousin, Kal-El, who will be grow up to become the Man of Steel. However, fate has different plans as Kara’s ship gets waylaid and separated from Kal-El by the time she arrives on Earth.

Flash forward to the present where an adult Kara (Melissa Benoist) is in National City working her civilian life as an assistant to media mogul Cat Grant (Calista Flockheart) who can’t even be bothered to get Kara’s name right.

Also working at CatCo is Kara’s best friend, Winn, (Jeremy Jordan) a lovable nerd who has a secret crush on Kara. We also see the introduction of Superman favourite James ‘Jimmy’ Olsen (Mechad Brooks) as a new photographer for CatCo, potential love triangle? We think so!

Although Kara is sweet, timid and kind of a wallflower, Winn is the geeky, adorable puppy dog who’s head over heels for Kara and the suave coolness of Jimmy Olsen really adds depth to the characters.

Also introduced is Kara’s adoptive sister, Alex Danvers, (Chyler Leigh) who wishes that Kara maintains her secrecy as an alien on Earth, but when a plane crash occurs and Alex is put in danger, Kara is finally forced to embrace her powers and save her sister; exposing her powers to the world and earning her the moniker Supergirl from Cat (although she remains oblivious to her dual life and a new costume similar to her cousin from Winn once he finds out about her).

However, Kara isn’t the only one keeping secrets as Alex’s double life is exposed. Alex works for the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) which is headed by Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) who treats Supergirl with contempt. Now faced with an impossible task of defeating hundreds of alien invaders now on Earth can Supergirl do it?

Her first battle with the alien villain Vartox proves hr strength, although, she still has a long way to go before she can truly be called a hero.


Episode 2 – Stronger Together

Nobody ever said being a superhero was easy and Kara is about to find that out the hard way in this episode.

First she has to undergo combat training from the DEO because she barely made it out of her fight with Vartox alive. Kara needs to learn how to defend herself without always relying on her powers; heat vision is good but there’s no guarantee it will always work.

After being alerted by Winn, she attempts to stop an explosion at the docks, only to accidentally cause an environmental oil spill disaster.

Ridiculed by media man Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) who dubs her #Terriblegirl, Supergirl attempts to change her luck with the help of Winn and Jimmy by handling smaller crimes.

Meanwhile, Cat keeps pressuring Kara to get an exclusive with Supergirl and we see Kara attempting both her superhero and civilian lives.

The big bad of this week is the monstrous Hellgrammite, an alien life form who survives on devouring chemicals. However, there’s a bigger threat on the horizon in the form of Kara’s aunt Astra, who is planning to exterminate the human race. She is stopped by Supergirl while Hellgrammite is defeated by Alex, proving you don’t need to have superpowers to solve a problem, or defeating a homicidal alien!

Despite the earlier tension between Kara and Alex, because of Kara sharing her secret with Winn and Jimmy, the two reconcile and Alex gifts Kara with her own Fortress of Solitude at the DEO; which houses an A.I of her deceased mother who will provide comfort and information should Kara need it.

Later Cat finally gets what she wants…an interview with the Girl of Steel!


Episode 3 – Fight of Flight

In this episode, we see the appearance of classic Superman villain Reactron as he makes his way to National City to battle Supergirl, but how did she get herself into that mess?

Well, Supergirl accidentally reveals to Cat she is the cousin of Superman so she is advised to lay low for a while until the media storm around her blows over; but with Reactron on the scene that doesn’t seem likely.

Because he couldn’t defeat Superman in Metropolis, Reactron decides to get back at him by targeting Supergirl. He knows her powers are nowhere near as strong compared to her cousins and, with the DEO refusing to aid her, Kara is put into a difficult spot since she was clearly outclassed by the newcomer.

Kara’s problems grow when Superman very briefly intervenes to rescue her from his nemesis, leaving her feeling angry and powerless that her cousin had to jump in and save her. This leads to the media and Cat mocking her, thinking she cannot defend the city without the help of her cousin. Kara’s plight is unfortunate because she feels that with everyone doubting her capability then maybe she can’t do this on her own.

However, like in all comic books, the good guy eventually triumphs when Supergirl and Alex are able to defeat Reactron by coating Supergirl’s hand in lead and ripping out Reactron’s power core; stripping him of his powers and rendering him harmless.

At the end of the episode we see another piece of Superman brought into the show in the form of Lucy Lane, (also known as Superwoman in the comics) the younger sister of Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane. This incarnation is the ex-girlfriend of Jimmy Olsen, who has come to win him back, breaking Kara’s heart as she started developing feelings for him. Poor Kara!

So it seems the love triangle between Kara, Winn and Jimmy may be over for now but I have a feeling the tug of war for Kara’s heart is only just beginning.


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