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Mrs Brown’s Boys: Christmas Special 2015

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How now Mrs Brown…?!

Yes, everyone’s favourite cross-dressing Irish lady is back for a Christmas special, so hopefully it’s just as good as previous years.

Kicking off with a few gags right off the bat – which I’ll admit are cheesy but funny – we see Mrs Brown attempting to have a nice, safe, quiet Christmas at home. But with a dodgy tree that has extendable boxing gloves as a security alarm and a family that is accident prone, I can sense disaster is not far behind on this one.

Ah, well, at least it’ll be a funny type of calamity.

Mrs Brown occasionally breaks the fourth wall to interact with the crowd to further the story, especially when something goes wrong with the cast – like when they forget their lines – which adds a funny twist, as Agnes provides a biting wit about her TV family. The jokes are funny, cheesy, crude, a bit morbid, sometimes, but very funny.

Plenty of humour and irony, based gags bouncing around the place, as the story continues on, which the audience seems to lap up with gusto.

Mrs Brown foreshadows that something is about to happen, which is good but provides a sort of spoiler alert that can be disappointing, because nobody really likes spoilers.

Throw in a few tongue twisters and few fluffed lines to the mix and Mrs Brown’s Boys come along really well, as well as a doctor confusing a dummy grandma with the real Mrs Brown, and there’s a fart gag too so that’s lovely. Ah, poor Winnie and Buster – they’re so naive and innocent but, my God, it’s funny.

I know the cast mess up their lines every now and then, but I wonder how they keep a straight face during some of the gags and jokes. A little bit of cattiness between two of the women so meow a group of recurring carol singers angrily being told off by a vicar and a very odd German dance. This is getting more surreal by the minute.

As I mentioned earlier, disaster was bound to happen and as luck would have it…it happens – first being swamped by fake snow, then a spring on a trampoline, then a killer punch to the face from a Christmas tree and finally crushed by a shelf.

It wouldn’t be a Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special without a musical performance and this time it was a hip hop performance of U Can’t Touch This.

Plenty of gags, cheesy one-liners and fourth-wall-breaking, I thoroughly loved it and can’t wait to see the New Year’s Day special. Click here for the Christmas special if you have missed it.

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