Benjamin Kuwas

All Is Lost – Redford Shows He's Not All Washed Up In Nautical Nail-biter

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All Is Lost is an American survival film with the two-time Oscar winning legend Robert Redford at the forefront of this gripping tale. All Is Lost is a tale of an experienced sailor being confronted with a predicament of colliding with a shipping container at sea, and how he engages with the battle of survival alone at sea.

The film reportedly has lack of dialogue, leaving Redford to interact and engage with the audience with his actions of attempting to survive against all odds. Without a cast ensemble or any gimmicks to rely on, simplicity is key here, and the focus rests entirely on the intensity of Redford’s performance in this tale of survival and fighting for a life that is slowly slipping through your fingers.

All Is Lost is directed by J.C. Chandor, who is an Oscar nominated screenplay writer for his work on 2011’s Margin Call, and he’s back with his second feature which has all the critics acclaiming this thrilling drama. Described as utterly compelling and a genuine nail-biter, it surely puts Redford in the running for a nomination for Best Actor in a leading role.

The film has received 2 Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor in a Drama and for Best Original Score after being screened out of competition at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. It takes an extremely talented actor to carry the film solely on their shoulders, and Redford seems to do it with ease and a sense of drama.

All Is Lost is currently on general release at cinemas across the region.