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"Everyone Likes To See Their Mate Up On Stage Being Stupid – We Meet Comedian Michael Holford

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Michael Holford

Whitley Bay comedian Michael Holford truly has the gift of comedy, and the gift of being able to get a gig anywhere – he is also known as the nicest man in comedy. Michael is fast, witty and a great energetic storyteller who will have you in the palm of his hand in 60 seconds flat.

His hilarious take on his own life will have you saying ‘Eeh I remember that’. A Johnny 7 is not a condom you use 7 times, it’s the coolest gun ever, knocky nine doors like you’ve never played before, big red choppers, and a space hopper. Take a look into Michael Holford’s childhood and relive your own at the same time. I caught up with Michael to talk about his comedy stylings.

How long have you been doing comedy?

About a year now – I started at the Live Theatre doing a stand-up comedy course and it just sort of went from there. After the course finished, a couple of us stayed in touch and even started a open mic night in Newcastle, just to give us all a bit of a practice.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever done?

I was in the Farne Islands and I was testing out my material on a couple of seals – a mam and a baby. The baby one seemed to love it, he didn’t move a bit. I don’t think the mam was too keen though.

Do you often test your material on wildlife?

Well I like to talk to my kids about it too, they know my act off by heart, and I like to run through it in the living room with them, they tell me which bits to keep and what they think is my funniest joke.

All comedians must face the inevitable duff gig now and then, have you had one yet?

Well I don’t know about duff gig, but a whole brass band once walked out of one gig I was performing at.

With their instruments?

Oh yeah, they set themselves up and played for an hour, then when they heard there was a comedian on they packed up their instruments. I thought they were just clearing the stage but then they all left, leaving about 6 in the audience.

You are known for your audience interactions (Michael likes to get audience members to participate in a game called Best Man Fall-ies, where the audience get some sort of weapon, be that a Johnny Seven rocket launcher or a machine gun and they have to act out their death, marked by the remaining audience… obviously) what do you like about getting people up?

I think it just makes it a bit more fun, everyone likes to see their mate up on stage being stupid. I like to get people involved because I don’t like it when they sit there and stare – get up and have some fun!

You’ve also done a bit of singing in the past (Michael has a surprisingly good voice and performed a few gigs as a rat pack tribute band singing parodies)

Yeah we were the Flat Pack for a few gigs. Just for a bit of a laugh, me and a couple of friends sang a few Sinatra songs with different words. I enjoyed it.

So whats next for Michael Holford?

Well I always said I’ll do 10 gigs and see, then that went to 25! I don’t know what I’m on now, but I’m going skiing this winter and we’ll have a go again in the new year.


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    Paul McKellar 10th January 2014 at 12:32 pm

    That’s a great article Ashleigh..
    Michael is a funny guy for sure, the sky’s the limit for him I think. Certainly a better comedian than most who have made it onto the telly (in my opinion).

    Best of luck to him!!!