Ashleigh Davison

Review: Harry, My Cat Died

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Photo courtesy of Natasha Truman

Tuesday night and I readied myself to take in the delights of a One Direction based comedy show. Not being a fan of One Direction I expected the worst, being forced to listen to their songs and pretending I knew them, whilst deciding which one was better looking. Steven ‘Friz’ Frizzles show Harry, My Cat Died was at The Stand and nothing like I was expecting. This was better, I got to laugh at One Direction and being a fan wasn’t even an issue.

A previous Edinburgh Fringe show which went on tour earlier this year returned to Newcastle. Steven had received good reviews of the show and I was excited to see what he had in store. His usual act is parody songs of popular chart artists which are worth a listen if you ever get the chance. But this was different, an hour long comedy show about the demented fans of One Direction, that’s a pretty niche crowd right?

Simon Buglass, compere for the evening, did a wonderful job of getting the audience goin and encouraging us to scream like we were teenage girls at an actual One Direction concert. Almost spilling his concealed gin as he came bounding onto the stage.

He introduced us to the supporting act of the night David Callaghan, who effortlessly warmed the crowd up with tales of his shop keeping days and relationship troubles. How many soft mints do you think you could steal in 2 months? What would happen to you if you were to eat them in one go? Wonder no further and most definitely don’t try it at home because David has the answers and it’s not good… unlike the beautiful face of Harry Styles (I don’t actually find Harry Styles beautiful I just don’t want any unhinged Direction-ers finding me online).

And I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what ever happened to Dave Benson Phillips? If you are then you should try and catch David where ever you can because he really does answer a lot of life’s questions.

After a quick gin break for both myself and Simon Buglass (I’m assuming, based on what was concealed in his jacket), we were introduced to the main show ‘Harry, My Cat Died’ presented by professor Stephen Frizzle, is an hour long Power Point show which tries to answer the questions of why a selection of teenagers  are so obsessed with One Direction. Stephen comperes the level of fan devotedness to that of Beatle-mania, but with computers.

The show is something I’ve never seen before, it fuses stand up comedy with celebrity trivia and audience interaction, something that shouldn’t work but does. The interaction is what really made the show more entertaining for me; I don’t know if it would have been as good without pre-pubescent looking males from the audience acting out steamy One Direction ‘Larry Shipper Fanfic’. Which is something that you don’t really want to know about. Imagine Fifty shades of Grey but written by a 15 year old virgin. That’s what the unsuspecting males of the audience were acting out, and doing a surprisingly good job too.

We were also treated to poetry corner, that is the fans take on the traditional valentine’s day poetry which more often than not didn’t rhyme and begged for a twitter follow, not really the stuff of romance, more desperation.

Harry, My Cat Died included a quiz round for one lucky audience member, all he had to do was name a One Direction song from the pictures featured. His prize was a meeting with Harry Styles which everyone was pretty excited about, having stared at photos of him for the past fourty minutes we were all very interested in meeting the real Harry. Which is a wonderful surprise that I won’t spoil in case any of you get to see the show.

After an hour we finally get to the bottom of why young girls are so obsessed with One Direction and the answer is a lot simpler than I could of imagined, the ambiguity of who their songs are for. A heavy “you” feature in their hits makes all of us think they are singing directly to the listener, hence the hysteria surrounding them.

The show finished with a touching musical tribute by Stephen on his keyboard accompanied by the pictures of all of the animals that fans claimed had died in order for a brief moment of twitter fame. The list is as endless and weird as the One Direction fans themselves. I have to say well done to Stephen Frizzle, a thoroughly entertaining night which admittedly I wasn’t expecting. Perhaps I’ve even converted to a Direction-er myself. I best get a twitter account.