Sarah Lester

Lionhead Studios (Finally) Conjure Up Fable: Anniversary

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Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! Have your swords at the ready and prepare for battle, Heroes of Albion. Jack of Blades is back!

Fable: Anniversary prepares for launch and will hit stores in the UK on February 7th. The first game of the popular RPG franchise is making a comeback in aid of the creators, Lionhead Studio’s, tenth anniversary. The game finally comes at a delayed release, the original date being in September 2013, and in those 5 extra months that they have taken, they have provided the fan base with plenty of extra goodies, such as extra content, to look forward to.

The first game is favoured among fans, and the re-mastered version is set to blow your minds, with previews of weapons and relics, upgraded to HD, gracing the studio’s Twitter page. More information can be found at or you can visit their Twitter. Good or evil, which path will you choose?

Fable: Anniversary is released on Friday February 7th.