Steph Chungu

Review: That Awkward Moment – Not As Awkward (Or Good) As You'd Hope

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Truth be told, we’ve all had embarrassing moments in relationships. We’ve all been there, dealt with it, and moved on. We see it in films of course, but mostly in the view of women. However, in this particular movie, that’s not the case.

That Awkward Moment follows blatant idiot Daniel (Miles Teller) and guarded alpha male Jason (Zac Efron), who are helping their recently single friend Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) to live the bachelor lifestyle in New York City. From late night antics, to one night stands, avoiding the dreaded question in an open relationship: “so…where is this going?”

Suffice it to say, it’s a new version of Sex and The City, just in a man’s world.

Supposedly we have never seen the view from men in relationships before on screen, and that was presumably the aim of this film, to create a male perspective on the subject. Jason meets his Princess of Aquitaine in Ellie (Imogen Poots) who he really likes but mistakes for a hooker. At a similar time Daniel is starting to find some feelings for Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis) with Mikey secretly trying to make things right with his ex.

Allegedly a comedy, it doesn’t suffice. The situations that the characters face are lacking in the laugh factor. Jason and Daniel’s (Efron and Teller) attempt of book designing is considered to be shocking rather than the situations they place themselves in. Well, there’s Efron’s character professing his love to his interest (Imogen Poots). And that was supposedly an awkward moment.

The Awkward Moment under-performs, sadly, despite the trailer. However it is saved by some comedic acts to the story, thanks to the three main actors, and the big reveal (apparently guys can love too! Aw.) Also, it seems that the end credits were much funnier than the film itself.

[usr 6]

[For future reference, if your latest “interest” invites you to a dress-up party, dress up formally. Don’t look like an 80’s reject. It’s a safer option.]