Sarah Lester

Review: Boy Jumps Ship Steal The Show In Final Night Of Mapped Out Tour

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Boy Jumps Ship

Image courtesy of Matt Horne

For those who like to let their hair down and rock out, this was one show that would have definitely filled that void. If you like a mix of punk, rock and metal, Generator’s Mapped Out tour provided Hartlepool with a show that certainly ticked off every item on that checklist.

Kicking off the show was post-hardcore band Merchants, a favourite among the locals as they hail from the town itself. Merchants gathered a modest crowd, and warmed up the audience with their angsty anthems until they were nice and toasty. The performance was well-received among the onlookers, and paved the way for the next wave of support, Foundations.

Foundations are a favourite across Teesside, with the 5-piece having already established a name for themselves. In fact, the band are so popular amid the locals that the crowd had gathered in anticipation during their sound check. It is easy to see that Foundations have a great rapport with the crowd, as if they were talking to old friends. It isn’t long before the band kicks into their rhythm with growling metal riffs and deep vocals. The crowd stays in sync with the songs, moshing and dancing at the foot of the stage.

In the middle of their set, Foundations introduce the crowd to the first single, Endless Sleep, from their upcoming album. Rife with double bass and trilling guitars, the song goes down an absolute storm with the audience.

Overall, Foundations have a dominant demeanour with the crowd, when a break in the song Opera demands a silence that is almost deafening, only to be followed by an equally deafening breakdown. The quintet finish up their set with the biggest crowd-pleaser of them all, Deceived, a classic for Foundations fans. The band were met with positive cheers and a loud round of applause, clearly ready for the show’s headliners, Boy Jumps Ship.

Boy Jumps Ship are a 4-piece punk rock band from South Shields, and have become popular in various towns and cities across the country, creating a following of fans. Forming in 2010, the band are constantly on the go, the road becoming their home, and the band’s sound shares elements with You Me At Six and Young Guns. With this show being the finale of the Mapped Out tour, the band have a small break to look forward to before taking off again, this time to Europe. Not that you appear to be slowing down.

While setting up, the crowd gather around eagerly awaiting the performance. Without so much as a hello, the band kick into their set with an anthem that was sure to get the crowd’s feet moving. After introducing themselves with what they do best, the band introduce themselves formally, greeting the crowd and instituting a relationship with the audience before taking them on the rest of the journey through their set. Each and every song is as well received as the last, with catchy lyrics and riffs carrying them along the way. It is easy to see that Boy Jumps Ship have created a good live presence in their career.

Boy Jumps Ship keep the crowd involved throughout their performance, inducing clap-a-longs and loud, enthusiastic woah-ing. Even those who have only just discovered the band can’t help but chant along ‘we are invincible’ in tune with the band. The band finishes their set with an anthem fit to end the tour with a bang, Black Hearts Don’t Beat. The band receive a passionate round of applause from the whole venue, cheering echoes off the walls and Boy Jumps Ship wrap up the Mapped Out tour and say farewell.