Victoria Higham

Under The Skin – Scarlett Johansson Plays Alien Skulking The Streets Of Glasgow

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Under The Skin

Scarlett Johansson, like we have never seen her before, plays an alien who stalks the mean streets of Glasgow seducing men into both her life and her van, to steal their souls. Until one mission halts her plans.

All sounds slightly sci-fi? Well the idea has been taken from Michael Faber’s cult novel, and directed by Jonathan Glazer. Work initially began in 2001, was halted until 2004, and has still taken until now to complete.

Scenes include Johansson, as an alien of promiscuity and deception, but not the sticky green type, and actually filmed real life scenes travelling around Glasgow, luring men into her van before they realised unwittingly, they had entered a film scene. They would often shoot for hours, without obtaining any footage.

So that’s why, 10 years on, it’s only now ready for publication. Being released in cinemas March 14th. It gained boo’s and critical acclaim in equal measure at the Venice film festival. This is definitely one marmite type of film, check the trailer out for yourself…