James Brennan

FIFA World Cup Brazil – Latest Football Sim Kicks Off A Summer Of Sport

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FIFA World Cup

With the World Cup approaching, EA’s latest instalment of FIFA could be the perfect appetiser to a summer of football.

World Cup Brazil is typical of the FIFA franchise, providing unrivalled attention to detail, customary tweaks to gameplay and, most importantly, countless hours of fun. The standalone game features 7,469 players across all 203 qualifying stage teams and, although the downloadable demo lacks polish, matches seem more tense, chaotic and action-packed.

Including all World Cup stadiums, the title also showcases new crowds, animations and features, such as fan festivals in iconic locations and a couple of talk shows. Penalties are now easier – and include goalkeeper-to-taker taunts – but first touch is more difficult to master, with added emphasis on intelligent play.

A variety of modes – online and offline World Cup, Captain Your Country and Story of Qualifying – offer sufficient entertainment, but budget limitations have dictated that Ultimate Team does not feature and that the game is exclusive to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

FIFA World Cup is released on XBox 360 and PS3 on Thursday April 17.

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