Sarah Lester

Review: McBusted @ Metro Radio Arena Newcastle

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McBusted Perform at the 02 Arena - London

For those of you who want to feel like a kid again, this was the concert for you. Taking you back to your childhood, McBusted burst onto the stage with passion and vigour like a true super group, and played tracks that were sure to have you reminiscing to a time when you were much younger and smaller.

McBusted were supported by 3 acts before them, Young Brando, a five piece rock band from Salisbury, E of E, a quartet from the Black Country, and The 3 Dudes, a trio of young brothers from Charleston, South Carolina.

Young Brando warmed up the stage with their energetic performance, playing tracks that were unknown to the crowd, but well received all the same. Followed shortly by E of E, who opened their set with a spritely crossover cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit/Billie Jean by Nirvana and Michael Jackson. Singer Tom Harris impressed the crowd with his strong vocals and ability to hit the high notes.

Finally, American youngsters The 3 Dudes took to the stage, opening with a cover of Blur’s Song 2 and closing with Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz, and filling in the middle with their pop songs about hot girls and complimenting the crowd on their appearance.

Thanks to the three support acts, it didn’t seem that long until McBusted took to the stage themselves, finally opening with Air Hostess at 9pm, with a short ‘Back to the Future’-esque film beforehand to prepare the audience for their introduction, McBusted burst onto the stage in an array of fire and sparks, and this was just a taster of what was to come.

McBusted Perform at the 02 Arena - London

Playing a mix of McFly and Busted songs throughout their set, the band conversed with the crowd, asking them how they were between songs, to be met with an adoring roar from the buzzing audience. Lights from people’s phone’s filled the arena as they videoed and took pictures of the band, and also held their torches to the air when Sleeping with the Light On was performed.

With a short interval in the middle of their show, filled with another short film of the boy’s comedic and silly acting, McBusted left fans wondering where they’d went off to. Now, if you are attending a McBusted show in the near future, I would advise you to stop reading now at the risk of spoiling it for you.

McBusted showed that all was not lost for those who were seated at the back, when they descended from the roof in a UFO shaped stage, with each member placed around it, facing different areas of the crowd. The band was met with a surprised and passionate scream from the audience, and opened their next few songs on their new airborne stage with McFly’s Star Girl. After playing a couple of tracks and having a bit of banter with the crowd, McBusted returned to the main stage to complete the last leg of their set list.

Performing a cover of the Jackson 5’s I Want You Back, Busted’s James Bourne and Matt Willis, and McFly’s Danny Jones put down their guitars, to execute a dance routine that would make the Jackson’s proud. Halfway through the performance Bourne and Willis had a duel with T-Shirt guns, blasting them into the audience, whilst Jones narrated.

For their encore, McBusted performed Crashed The Wedding, All About You and closed with an explosive performance of Year 3000 that left fans sad to see them go. With the name of their super group highlighted in flames behind them, and accompanied by three giant inflatable breasts on the ceiling, McBusted exited their show with a bang and wrapped up a performance that was truly a phenomenal experience.