Sarah Lester

Wolfenstein: New Order – Bethesda Studio Rewrite History In FPS Blockbuster

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Ever wondered what the world would’ve been like if the Nazi’s won World War II? If you’re more of a gamer than a bookworm, and you’d rather act out those moments than read them in Robert Harris’ Fatherland, you will be pleased with the upcoming release of Wolfenstein’s newest instalment, The New Order.

With their last game release being five years ago in 2009, Wolfenstein was due for a refreshing new story to please fans, and The New Order is set to do exactly that.

Set in Europe during the 1960s, the first person shooter will see players invading Nazi fortresses and taking on waves of enemies, while ultimately discovering and taking control of ‘super weapons’ that the games antagonists have used to maintain their fearsome dictatorship over the Earth.

The game will be available on all platforms, including the XBox 360 and PS3, meaning those who haven’t yet moved on to the next generation will still be getting a fulfilling gaming experience.

Wolfenstien: New Order is released on May 20