Josh Hollis

Northern Lights Podcast #5 – "How Much Suspense Is There If You Already Know It's a Giant Lizard?"

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We’re back, did you miss us? Actually don’t answer that. It’s been a long time since the last Northern Lights Podcast, and due to a combination of technical gremlins and sheer bad luck we’ve not been able to bring you the long-awaited fifth Northern Lights Podcast. UNTIL NOW.

Actually we did record one a few weeks ago but it never made it to the public domain. If you’re so inclined you can use the Matrix/the Konami code to try to access the mystery podcast (I wouldn’t though, it doesn’t exist).

But instead of wasting fruitless hours doing that, why don’t you have a gander at our new podcast, featuring Deputy Arts Editor Angus Saul, Editor-in-Chief Josh Hollis, and Deputy Editor Mark McConville.

With topics as widespread as Hebburn, Godzilla and Sunfest, as well as a chance to win FREE TICKETS to a thing, we’ve brought back the Northern Lights podcast with a bang! Or at least a dull thud.