Ed Quinn

Ultra Street Fighter 4 – Capcom Promises Innovation With Latest Brawler Instalment

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Ultra Street Fighter 4

The fourth Street Fighter 4 has come forth. Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the newest addition to the legendary franchise, and promises to evolve the game to a whole new level.

This new instalment will feature five additional characters as well as six new stages to fight on, as well as an Online Training mode to help new players practice with friends, and a new 3 versus 3 team-battle option.

Capcom have also listened to fan feedback about the characters from previous Street Fighter games and has integrated new mechanics for certain characters in order to add a fair balance between combatants. There will also be a new ability added called “Red Focus” which will enable players to absorb several strikes at reduced damage, and also the ability to perform two ultra-combos in-game instead of choosing one from the two options.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is released digitally in June for XBox 360 and PS3.