Steph Chungu

Review: Bad Neighbours – Efron Stars As Half Soulja Boy, Half Kevin From Home Alone

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Bad Neighbour

Neighbours, roommates, partners. We all have them, we all have to live next to them. Some are nice. Some don’t talk, and then there are some who accurately are the neighbours from hell.

Bad Neighbours exudes all that. Following the lives of a newly suburban couple (Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne), who are, as the title goes out of its way to imply, faced with less than desirable new residents- in this case an entire fraternity.

Now Rogen has had his fair share of hits (and a miss with that one about the end of the world), and Bad Neighbours is no disappointment. Sure enough, he takes up the role of the bumbling, drug-taking human being (again), but this time he has a whole new string to his bow… he has a child to think about. However, that fact doesn’t really come into play too often, which is a good thing. He’s still the lovable awkward man, who’s planning the demise of his new neighbours.

Credit too should go to Zac Efron, who plays the OTT Greek President without fault. Being an exaggeration of US lad culture (dude culture?) combines swagger with mischief in a half-Soulja Boy, half-Kevin from Home Alone sort of role. Along with Dave Franco and Rose Byrne, who pull off the roles of the ever so loyal sidekicks/partners in thier respective factions, the film’s cast is strong across the board.

Sure enough, Bad Neighbours is a winner for comedy, and despite some gags being revealed in the advertising, the film still has more to share. With a brilliant cast (and some cameos), this film will have you howling.

This was never going to be a heavyweight thought piece, but the film does pose one question for you. When is it time to grow up? My answer: Never.

[usr 7]