Ed Quinn

Review: Broforce – Everything Is Exploding Everywhere Always

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Rambo and the Terminator both blast their way through an enemy base; guns blazing and a crater behind them filled with the sorry souls that dared get in their way. The mini-gun winds down, the grenades get thrown and the underground bunker is blown to kingdom come, just as they jump out and latch on to a dangling ladder from a helicopter. Broforce is a game focused on reliving the fantasies that were had during primary school play-time; in more ways than one.

The game is a run and gunner featuring a host of randomly selected famous action movie characters, with slightly bro-themed names like B A Baracus, who becomes B A Broracus, and John McClane who becomes Bro Hard, because getting sued isn’t fun. What is fun, however, is literally shooting your way through everything and everyone to get to the chopper and cue the victory guitar solo and the tongue in cheek phrase “Area Liberated”, written in red and white stripes. Broforce is a brilliant blast of fast-paced maiming and mirth, curated by some familiar action masters. 100% of the stylised 8-bit (remember, suing = bad) environment can be destroyed in one way or another, making the player feel like a wrathful God tearing through an entire jungle effortlessly, which, in its own way, is a problem.

Broforce invokes feelings of power and child-like adrenaline, but begins to lack challenge outside of boss battles and the occasional booby trap. Given the resources available, the Broforce bros could sweep through the entire game with the greatest of ease. Hard difficulty is recommended, because just like how the heroes never die in the school-yard re-enactments as the made-up-on-the-spot rules dictated, the heroes in Broforce will come back time and time again, preventing failure and generally making the AI enemies feel expendable.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1DTgY1hqKw]

Broforce is pretty much The Expendables: The Game (not the actual terrible one, mind), not just because of the vast array of not-famous-movie-characters movie characters in it, but also in its appeal in general. Broforce has no story at all, and concentrates solely on merging all these recognisable faces together to explode everything all in the name of visceral blood-soaked fun, just like The Expendables (can’t remember if that actually had a plot). That being said, some of the characters are substantially less fun to use than others. Bro Hard and Ellen Ripbro both come to mind, with their rubbish guns and grenades, but in Broforce you rarely ever stay as one bro for long anyway.

Playing locally with another bro on screen (or three if you’re feeling bold), adds to the unbridled pixelated machismo, resulting in some odd couplings and fantastic movie ideas, be it co-op or death-match. But this also raises a minor issue with the game, which is that EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING EVERYWHERE ALWAYS! Which is cool, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that keeping track of your character becomes difficult sometimes amidst the exploding barrels and the constant craters that keep cropping up due to the ground not being able to deal with the amount of shit you’re wrecking. At times during missions it becomes difficult to notice whether or not you’re alive, usually resulting in an instant, or slightly less instant, “no”. Though this isn’t to say multiplayer isn’t fun, because it most certainly is, it’s just a tad hectic.

Speaking of which, online multiplayer is also a thing, but as you can imagine that is also quite hard to follow. It’s worth bearing in mind that this is all the beta of the game so far, so these niggling complaints could be subject to change, but what Free Lives have made so far is ridiculous fun and well worth holding out for.

Broforce is available to preorder now.