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From There To Here: We Meet Actress And Model Portia Victoria

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Last week the first episode of BBC drama From There to Here arrived on TV screens across the country. Starring Phillip Glenister (best known for his iconic role as Gene Hunt in Life on Mars), the three-part series is based around the Manchester bombing in 1996. All the 90’s signifiers are there: Stone Roses, Euro ’96 football shirts and other classic mad-chester fashion. One character you may have noticed was Caroline, who had a throwback Chinese symbol tattoo, typical of the time.

Caroline is played by model and performer Portia Victoria who, interestingly, auditioned for the part by taking a video using her phone on the train to Newcastle. Portia told us: “My agent contacted me out of the blue one time whilst I was on the train. I needed to record an audition tape for her immediately; one of the producers liked my look and wanted to see if I could act.”

The 20-year-old was on the way to do a photo shoot, and was ecstatic to be involved in such a well-written production “It was all very short notice; filming started the next week” Portia said, “I was told I was playing the love interest of main character, Robbo played by Steve Mackintosh.”  Although Portia only appears on screen briefly, she certainly makes an impact. If you are wondering: that tattoo wasn’t real, she told us “At the moment I have no tattoos, it was just for show. I’m surprised people even recognised me.”

Portia was asked before she submitted her video if she was comfortable with nudity, as a model this was nothing out of the ordinary for her “It’s not the first time my boobs have been on telly” she said.  Portia has also appeared in Channel 5’s Celebrity Super Spa getting a spray-tan as well as modelling for various fashion and hairstyle magazines.

Unfortunately, Portia could not watch the first episode as she is out of the country. Never the less, the positive feedback she received has encouraged her to continue her acting career “Essentially I see acting and modelling as the same profession.” She said. “I spend a lot of time creating different characters for my photo shoots. I do plan on focusing more on my acting career this year.”

From There to Here continues on BBC One on Thursday at 9:00pm. The first episode is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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