Ruth Edmundson

Geek-Con 2014 – fandoms unite at Gateshead Central Library

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 Geek Con

Thanks to the great work of the team behind Anime Attacks, an anime event held in Gateshead Library, this month see’s the first ever Geek-Con taking place in Gateshead. The convention focuses on fandoms by brining together the best of comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, games and Japanese anime all under one roof for people to enjoy. Therefore it is a great opportunity to get your geek on and celebrate your passion for your chosen fandom by dressing up as a character, buying merchandise and taking part in the events various games and activates.

On the day you will be able to meet a range of guests including UK based comic book creator Robert Deas who has worked on a selection of series from his own, Troy Trailblazer, to retellings of literary classics such as Manga Shakespeare and Pride & Prejudice. As well as, Japanese manga artist Chie Kutsuwada and sci-fi novelist Joe Kipling – author of Blinded by the Light will make an appearance to talk about his novel.

Throughout the day there will also be a selection of panels on topics such as Doctor Who and what it means to be a geek in the UK today. Plus visitors will also be able to get involved with the events costume contests, geeky quizzes, retro gaming area and will be able to buy goods from a selection of stalls selling fan made merchandise.

Geek-Con takes place at Gateshead Central library, Gateshead on Saturday 9 August. Tickets £3.