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Quality comedy continues to come to The Stand in Newcastle

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The Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle continues to attract some of the biggest names in comedy, while supporting new local acts from around the region. We take a look at what’s coming up in the next few months, so why not get yourself down and find out what all the fuss is about?

September 15 – (No) Cash For Questions, Zalzman Is Your Satirist For Hire


Andy Zaltzman, half of the global smash hit topical podcast The Bugle, is taking his uniquely interactive new show Satirist for Hire on the road, giving audiences the chance to have the issues they care about satirised to order by one of Britain’s leading political comedians.

Members of the audience are invited to send in their satirico-queries in advance. Send your request to, including the date and venue of the show you will be attending.

September 23 – Norman Lovett Something Old, Something New

Norman Lovett

Stand-up legend and Red Dwarf star Norman Lovett will return to The Stand with a show that contains the continuation of The Sugababes debate among many more subjects.

The show will feature his iPad linked up to a TV screen, so that he can depict images on to a screen to delight and astound you.

September 29 – Sod The Tories And Have A Nice Week

sod the tories

John Scott and his comedy coalition are back with their latest Sod The Tories, taking a look at the month’s news and other affairs. Sod the Tories is a topical comedy show featuring some of the North East’s finest comedians, discussing the sort of issues and saying the things they won’t let them say on Mock the Week.

Other shows coming soon to The Stand:

20 September: Idiots + Gunge = Laughing

21, 22 September: Henning Wehn Eins, Zwei, DIY

30 September: Tom Stade Decisions, Decisions

6 October: Matt Reed Gincredible

12 October: Susan Calman Ladylike

14 October: Jason Cook Broken

19 October: The Short & Girlie Show

21 October: Stephen K Amos Welcome to My World

28 October: Marcel Lucont Is

3 November: Robin Ince’s Blooming Buzzing Confusion

4 November: Sara Pascoe vs History

9 November: Vikki Stone Instrumental

11 November: Tony Jameson Football Manager Ruined My Life

23 November: Tony Law Enter The Tone Zone

25 November: What The Fudge?

9 December: Carl Hutchinson