Gemma Hirst

Review: The Sense Of An Ending at Red Road Dance Theatre

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The Sense Of An Ending is an episodic piece of dance and theatre that highlighted the suffering of women in the North East. Portraying the struggle of experience a traumatic time in their life, from the loss of a child, a career, their lover or a relationship.

It was an emotive piece that allowed the audience to reflect upon their own opinions and feelings towards performed on stage. The first piece was about a young girl who seemed to be struggling with grief or the loss of a loved one, the reason was never made clear. This was difficult to relate to and understand exactly what or who she had lost but the engrossing acting portrayed discomfor as the movement was slow and sustained.

Similar to to the first episode, the second dance was hard to watch. As the dancers movements and physicality were often distorted the audience were able to understand that this dancer was suffering from an abusive relationship. The louder the music got the more aggressive the dance became. The second performance ended uniquely, as a female dancer tied herself up with a rope and wrapped it round her body. Unsure if it was a physical representation of her dismissing herself of her own life or a representation that she was removing herself from the abusive relationship.

The last performance was harrowing to watch, a dance piece about the complications of rape. It was performed in a tasteful yet visually repulsive way in order to shock and move the audience.

The Sense Of An Audience didn’t have a definite ending, it seemed this inconclusive ending represented the inconclusive ending to women who deal with the traumatic experiences which were highlighted in the show.

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