Hootfest – Stand Newcastle plan 5 nights of New Year hilarity

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Gavin Webster

What’s the best thing about Christmas? Seeing your family? Unwrapping your presents? The TV specials? The seemingly endless piles of food? The music? The weather? Nope, none of those. It’s the time you get off work afterwards and the freedom to go out on a weeknight.

With that in mind, Newcastle’s home of all things comedy, The Stand, have unveiled their line up for 2014’s Hootfest. An offshoot of Hogmanay Hootfest, which is hosted at their Edinburgh headquarters in the run up to the new year, Newcastle audiences can see five of the region’s standout standups between Saturday 27 December and Wednesday 31.

Heading the bill is Gavin Webster, now firmly established as North East entertainment royalty after decades of berating the local circuit with tales of Wallsend roughians and the Jesmond elite. “Like a cross between Bill Hicks and Geoff from Byker Grove”, according to Ross Noble.

Also on the bill is Mike Milligan, who’s now making a live show out of his long running Evening Chronicle column, and Lost Voice Guy, the iPad-toting Lee Ridley who is still blazing a trail for disabled comedians everywhere.

Rounding off the bill is up-and-comer Katherine Tanney and veteran broadcaster JoJo Sutherland. The Stand are, as ever, offering their usual array of delicious hot food from the upstairs bistro, albeit with a seasonal twist.

Hootfest comes to the Stand Comedy Club between Saturday 27 and Wednesday 31 December. 7pm. Tickets £15