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Preview: Inherent Vice

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Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice is a American romantic crime drama, adapted for the screen by Paul Thomas Anderson from the novel written by Thomas Pynchon.

Director Anderson is best known for 2007’s hugely impressive There Will Be Blood and will be looking for more success with this gripping crime story.

This film offers a typical detective classic set in 1970s Los Angles with one major twist in that private detective Larry Doc Sportello is on drugs.

Initially, Sportello is approached by his ex-girlfriend with a problem regarding her new boyfriend Mickey Wolfman. It is believed that Mickey’s wife and her lover are conspiring to kidnap Mickey and have him sectioned at an asylum.

However as soon as Larry gets involved he finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew and finds himself caught up in something much bigger than what he originally thought.


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