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Techland apologises for Dying Light delay

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Dying Light

Last minute delays to release dates are a persistent nuisance in the gaming industry, yet gamers are generally happy to wait a couple of months if it means designers can polish a game to give players the best experience possible. However, when a game is released in America but the rest of the world must wait a month for their turn is when patience runs thin.

This is the unfortunate situation occurring to Techland’s zombie-parkour mashup – Dying Light, in which circumstances only aware to Warner Bros have resulted in a one month delay of hard copies to everyone besides players across the pond. On the plus side, Techland have issued an apology to fans (which is nice), as well as some juicy free DLC for the inconvenience. Anyone who waits until February 27 to get their hands on a physical copy of the game will receive the Cuisine and Cargo, and Ultimate Survival Bundle free of charge. As an extra little bonus, the previously pre-order only bonus Be The Zombie mode will now be available to all.

Digital copies are available for download now. Hard copies go on sale on February 27.


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