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GoGo Penguin to play first Sunderland show this week

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Manchester jazz trio GoGo Penguin are set to play their first Sunderland gig this week (March 5).

The band are now well and truly established within the UK jazz scene and they have helped to bring a whole new group of listeners to the music genre over the last few years.

With definitive albums such as Fanfares gaining rave reviews from the Guardian and BBC Music, the band have also gained support from Mike Chadwick and Gilles Peterson, as well as picking up Album of the Year at the Mercury Prize Awards 2014.

Though the gig at INDEPENDENT will be the band’s first in Sunderland, GoGo Penguin are becoming firm regulars among the North East music scene with gigs at the Gateshead Jazz Festival.

It is the band’s unique ability to synthesise and develop each other’s melodic and harmonic ideas while drawing on music from classical to electronica which makes GoGo Penguin’s music so enthralling for many. Their second album, U2.0, pushed the band in a new direction and ultimately cemented them within the modern music scene. This ability to merge jazz and electronic, brought about a change to new and long-time listeners to jazz, seeing their fan base grow immensely last year.

And so the mix of jazz, techno, Hip Hop and dub-step are magically crafted to provide a sound you haven’t heard before, but for all the looping motifs and dance – floor vibes, the strong jazz roots of the trio is firmly planted to the ground.

It sounds a little chaotic right? But stick with them; it’s their ability to merge all these musical genres together in to a charming sound which highlight the influences and nods to the classics of jazz music history, which brings us gloriously back to the start.

GoGo Penguin really are in a league of their own at the moment and in all likelihood they look like they will continue on the same road. This is a band that you won’t want to miss.

Even if you’re not sure about jazz music, you’ll most likely find something you like when listening to their albums.


INDEPENDENT Thursday 5th March 2015 £8.00 (subject to booking fee).#####

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