Niall Ritchie

Shaun the Sheep causes mayhem in new film

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From Ardman, the creators of Wallace and Grommet and Chicken Run, comes the big screen debut for Shaun the Sheep in his very own movie, and it should have children flocking to the cinema.

Shaun’s baa-rmy adventure begins at Mossy Bottom Farm where life was plodding along nicely, until Shaun decides to escape and have some fun – although he gets a bit more action than he bargained for.

Shaun’s mischief means the farmer goes out in search of him and gets lost in the Big City. It is then up to Shaun to be the hero and travel to the Big City to go and rescue him. With help from the rest of the flock, Shaun must make his way through the Big City without being noticed and return the farmer back to where he belongs – the farm.

The film features many well known characters from the CBBC series as Shaun embarks on his biggest adventure yet.


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