Ciaran Sneddon

Broke comes to Newcastle's Live Theatre

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A few years ago, many might have thought that the recession would have killed off a lot of independent theatre companies.

Thankfully, the financial crash has also inspired a range of exciting new pieces, including this new piece based on real life stories. The lead character, Sally, is struggling with debt in Britain, a country which has billions of pounds of debt itself. What is it like to have no money in a nation with little financial success itself? The Paper Birds, who have just finished a string of off West End performances with Broke, used interviews with people suffering from poverty and debt to answer that question and, construct this piece.

The subject matter is something most people can relate to, and like previous productions, The Paper Birds offer the chance to delve deep into a range of issues, whilst remaining entertaining and engrossing.

Broke will be at the Live Theatre in Newcastle from 10-11 February.


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